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If there’s one place first impressions are absolutely critical, it’s your website - and we’re not just talking about design and content. The speed of your pages is one of the most important determinants to its success.

A slow loading website can damage your reputation as well as cost you money, because you’ll lose out on conversions. Conversely, a high performing website will have a positive, domino effect on your business’ success. It will attract more visitors, which then increases sales leads, and ends up bringing in more customers.

The very first step in ensuring you have a fast loading website is to use a robust website builder, which provides the best technology. However, your job isn’t over after this. It’s your responsibility to make sure that the content you include on your site doesn’t get in the way of its performance.

You will need to find the right balance of media, choose where you place your items, and what type of content and extensions to use in the first place. For example, animated GIFs can add some pizzazz to your pages, but are often heavy files and consume a lot of network bandwidth. Also, text loads faster than images, so be attentive to how you order your elements.

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