How to increase your website traffic

With 40,000 search queries processed every second (yes, you read that right), Google’s strength as a search engine is unquestionable. With so many people flocking to type their life’s biggest questions into that waiting empty box – from locating the nearest paint supply store to how to perform CPR on a pet gerbil – there’s a massive built-in audience for your small business out there, just waiting to be accessed. #Google helps you tap into this market through #GoogleAds (formerly known as AdWords), the platform you can use to move Internet browsers from the search engine results page (SERP) straight along to your website, by strategically placing ads relevant to exactly what a potential customer might be looking for at the very moment of their search. This practice is known as search engine marketing (SEM).

One major component is keywords. Google generates ads based on matches between the keywords their users type into the search box and words you’ve put money on. If you run a media file conversion business, imagine the words someone desperate to convert all of their old home video tapes into digital files might use to describe their desperate plea for help to Google. In short, you want to craft your ad to directly answer your potential customers’ burning questions. Google loves pointing its users in the right direction (they care about customer satisfaction, too!), so choosing great keywords only means good things for your ad’s chances to be displayed.

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