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We want to make a bet that you are better at SEO (search engine optimization) than you think. Since the rankings are determined by computer algorithms that we definitely did not cover in high school calculus, the topic can feel pretty intimidating. But SEO performance is based on factors that are actually quite intuitive, so if you’ve ever spent even just five minutes looking up a question on your search engine of choice, then you’re already well on your way to understanding which websites get shown SEO love and which ones get shown the door (a.k.a the black hole of Google results).

See, the more we appear to be enjoying a site – interpreted through signals like the amount of time we spend on a page before exiting, or the number of pages we browse through – the more likely it is to get a nice boost up on its SEO scorecard. Take a moment to think about your own Internet browsing habits. What are the design elements of a site that leave you panic-pressing the back button? And what are the features that keep you lingering and engaged with the material you found? If you have any strong preferences in response to either of those two questions, then you and Google may have more in common than you think

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