What Is Product Branding?

Successful product branding is about using your product’s physical design and promotion to tell a cohesive story about what your product is, and how it’s different from similar models on the market. An eye-catching logo, a website that dazzles, entertaining packaging, a memorable tagline – these are all essential marketing tools, yet it’s the way you use all of these physical design elements together to create a consistent identity and feel for your product that will set it apart from competitors.

Before you can start spinning your product’s narrative into an advertising campaign, you have to have its story down cold. So set aside a date night to spend some quality time with your product. Light some candles, cook a fancy dinner… and start asking some questions to really get to know it.

What is your product’s purpose?

Who is your product’s target audience?

What core beliefs does this demographic hold?

Do similar products already exist on the market? What do people love (and hate) about them? And what makes yours different?

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