Website SEO DIY Tips

So you’ve researched the best keywords, and have added them to strategic locations across your website. But there are a few more tweaks you can do that will ensure the maximum SEO impact. Your on-page SEO, and in particular your SEO metadata is a crucial place Google will consult when figuring out what your website is all about. But how do you shape a winning SEO title and description? Just follow our recommendations:

For your SEO title:

  • Include your business name, your main keyword and if relevant your location. This is a format we recommend:

  • Keyword or Page Name | Location (Optional) | Business Name

  • Keep your title length around 60-65 characters long.

  • Write unique titles for all of pages. This means that a product page’s title will differ from your homepage title. Make your title attractive: use a title format (this means capitalizing the first letter of each word.) and remember, spelling mistakes a big no-no.

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