Starting a website from scratch

There are a few vital, initial steps for steering your website in the right direction from creation. Start with clearly defining its goal in order to display your business effectively. Is it solely for branding purposes? Is it a platform for selling your products or advertising your services? Is it for collecting email subscriptions? Then, make sure your site is compliant with your brand’s identity as it’s important that your website will complement every other aspect of your business – both online (social media, blog, etc.) and offline (business card, presentation docs, etc.). You should brainstorm initially as the smallest details can impact your site, from the number of pages in your menu to the localization (and even color) of your buttons.

Now that the look of your site is taking some shape, it’s time to collect all your written and visual elements. It’s best to prepare all of the texts that you plan to use before you actually begin building your site. This may include long paragraphs, your site’s tagline for the header, and enticing text for your CTAs (calls to action). Be reassured: you can always go back in time and change the text throughout the building process. And it’s actually highly recommended to give it a quick update every now and then, as it keeps your readers excited and Google happy. Yet, it’s helpful to start with a solid base of content, both written and visual (images, videos, etc.). The rule here is simple: quality over quantity. We recommend only displaying your best and most up-to-date work. It’s always better to leave your visitors wanting more rather than overcrowding your site and causing your visitors to lose interest quickly and leave. Plus, you can’t ignore the importance of your sites loading time. People have places to be and faces to see – if your site doesn’t load quick enough, no one will stick around

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