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There’s no point having a gorgeous website if no one can find it online. It’s pretty much like a bottle floating in the wide open sea. So how exactly do you make sure people find your message? Three words: Search Engine Optimization – or SEO for the believers among us. SEO is comprised of a set of techniques that help search engines to find your site and enable it to rank in their results pages. Here are a few tips on SEO

  • Verify your site with Google Search Console Google Search Console (previously Google Webmaster Tools) is a free service provided by Google for website owners. Verifying your website with GSC is considered an SEO best practice and will make it possible for Google to understand you are the site owner. Plus, Google Search Consoles provides you with valuable information about your website, such as: amount of impressions on search results, amount of clicks and your position for certain keywords.

  • Submit your sitemap

  • A sitemap is in simple terms a plan of your website. It shows how your different pages are connected to one another. It’s useful to send a sitemap to search engines so that they can crawl your website more easily and quickly, which will improve your overall SEO. Want to know more?

  • Test it out The easiest way to check if your site is indexed is to enter ‘site:yourwebsitemame.com’ in the searchbox of Google and see if anything comes up. If your pages come up in the result, it means that your website is indexed. Don’t freak out if you don’t see results immediately as the indexing process can take some time.

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